Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vindictive Lover Calls Me Names That Make Me Feel Like Crap - Is He A Narcissist?

So you go back to your place. He kisses you, and love ensues. Then, he gives you one goodbye peck and you don't hear from him for a week. Is he a narcissist?

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The two of you have just gone through a breakup. But now you're back together. You expect things to be totally different this time around. You meet up at the park for a picnic.

 He whines and complains about all his problems. You listen, and remind him that he's quite a masterful work of art. You tell him he's great, you support him and comfort him. He should be listening to you, after all. So then, you go back to your place. 

He kisses you, and love ensues. Then, he gives you one goodbye peck and you don't hear from him for a week. Normal guys might send flowers or even a quick phone call. Not the narcissist. He has many things to do! And many people to see. And a great deal of priorities.

 "I feel like you don't take us seriously," you tell him. "I know. This is hard. Maybe we just have enough like we are now, though." Somehow it's not enough.

Even though that's the end of the discussion, you want more. You aren't being treated fairly. If he acts warm and happy around his friends, and is constantly having people surround him and praise him, he's probably a narcissist.

If he seems devoted to you in public, but in private he treats you like crap, he's very likely a narcissist. 

The harsh truth is that some people can't love. They pretend, and get the game down really well, and it's painful for the rest of us. They siphon our resources to fill up their own "love reserves" which run dry every day.

Now, most people will either work through a relationship or they won't. A narcissist would rather end the relationship than stick through it, even if it means hearing that he has bad things about himself, too. 

Good folks work towards the goal of understanding each other and building on compassion, mutual respect, and love. Well, a narcissist won't. He'll resort to name calling, dumping (and then desperately coming back to you), and all kinds of crazy mind games. 

 The narcissist is incapable of true love. The trick is figuring out if you're in a narcissistic relationship. And even if you are, what do you do about it? We don't get taught this stuff in school. No one shows us how to manage relationships responsibly, or identify potential psychopaths. 

 (Unfortunately, these psychopathic people do exist - certain people who simply aren't capable of "real love" as we're taught it to be.)

No one teaches us what to do when we ARE in a narcissistic relationship. Do we dump him? Are we in danger? What's the truth of the matter? 

I tell you here in this free report.

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