Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to make your ex boyfriend BEG to take you back...

Here's a little tip one of my readers sent in recently...

"hi janelle,

i just wanted to let u know i got back together with my bf recently.... here is the article i used that actually worked wonders!!!!


Sarah's article...

Make Your Ex Boyfriend BEG to Take You Back.

Have you ever played any game with a guy?

Notice how he always wants to win?

Competition is seriously important to men.   If you're too "easy" for him, he won't want you.

You've gotta be in demand.  Make him compete for you -- make him earn your love.  Real men, the ones with brass balls, love to accomplish things and beat other guys for the prize.

It's kinda just human nature!  If we're in danger of losing something, we suddenly WANT it very desperately.
(Only one iPhone left!  Get it before it's gone!)

Same goes with relationships.  Especially for men.

So how do you make him compete for you?  Easy: make lots of male friends.  You don't have to sleep with them; you're in charge, you get to set the boundaries.  But do hang out with other guys, and don't be shy about letting your ex-boyfriend know it.

After all, he has no claim on you until he makes one!

Now here's how you let him know, even if the two of you are not talking - say you've gone No Contact for a while.

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1. Use facebook

It's super easy to get his attention on facebook; just post pics of you and your guy friends hanging out.  You don't have to be blatantly obvious about it or even have yourself in the pics... basically just have some evidence that you're hanging out with other guys.

2. Mention it in conversation with him

You don't have to say you're dating other guys (and don't point out that you're *trying* to get his attention, or make him jealous.)

But do drop little clues that you might be with other guys.  For example: "My friend and I were out at the park the other day and we saw this HUGE slobbering dog with weird teeth.  It looked like something from Sherlock Holmes!"

Or whatever your particular situation is.

Now, it's CRUCIALLY important that you don't get jealous or show a lot of emotion when he mentions that he's seeing other women.  Jealousy really turns people off so it's VITAL to get it under wraps.  Bring a stress ball in your pocket or pinch yourself when you feel the tears coming on.  (It really works, if you practice it!)

Just don't let it show that you're hurting.  Remember: you're an amazing catch for any man.  It's unfortunate that things aren't working out with you and your ex-bf right now... but if it's meant to be, it will be!

So don't feel guilty.  It's okay to see yourself as being valuable and in demand by many guys.  You're not "Abusing power" or whatever.  You are, after all, the prize. :)

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